Wednesday, November 22, 2017 05:37

Spike in bloom

When i moved in with my partner Daz he had a cactus (which i named spike) which he was given by a friend when he left home, Back then it was tiny, but he had since re-potted it and it has grown huge.

Cactus’s are really easy to keep as they need very little water. but can be very hard to get to flower as they need to be very ‘happy’.

So after 2 years of looking after it i have finally got it to flower 🙂

I all so brought a rose plant from Tesco last year and have been keeping it alive over winter hoping it will flower again this year, I noticed today that it  looks like it is about to start flowering which is good. Will post pictures when it does.

I am currently growing cucumber, tomato, cherry tomato and lettuce plants.

Though it is still too cold here for them to be outside so they are sitting in our living room getting big.


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