Wednesday, November 22, 2017 05:31

companion cube granny square blanket

so decided to make a portal blanket of a companion cube,

so first draw out said blanket


then buy the wool


now just to make it 🙂


NOTE: unfortunately things have come up and i haven’t got very far with this, but i hopefully will do it very slowly 🙂

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5 Responses to “companion cube granny square blanket”

  1. What a great idea ! I can’t wait to see it done ! 😀

  2. Broddles says:

    I must see this, I want one so incredibly bad I am considering learning how to crochet just so i can have one 😛

  3. sparky says:

    go for it, i find crocheting a lot easier than knitting (i all ways fall out with knitting)
    there are many videos and blogs telling you how to crochet, and quite a few magazines you can subscribe to.
    i learned by buying a childs learning kit that taught you the basics and then from videos on YouTube and have not stopped since 🙂
    it is really fun and you can be very creative with what you make.

  4. Patty says:

    Since you’ve done projects like this before, how much yarn (length/weight) do you anticipate you’ll need? I found your blog while trying to get ideas for a Portal Afghan. I was considering buying the yarn in bulk if it would be cheaper that way but I don’t know if I’ll need enough yarn to make it worth it.


  5. sparky says:

    I am probably not the best to ask as I do it as a hobby and so just do it as I go and don’t really take note how much wool I use (unless I’m selling it).
    I am making a portal cube blanket my self with small granny squares and brought 1 pink, 2 dark grey and 2 light grey in preparation for it but as other life stuff and other projects have got in the way I have not got very far yet.
    Sorry if that doesn’t help but I tend to buy what I think then buy more if needed.

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