Wednesday, November 22, 2017 05:31

granny square 1up blanket



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3 Responses to “granny square 1up blanket”

  1. Lovely !!! Can’t wait to see it finished 😀

  2. Maria says:

    Could you please share pattern? I have a six yr old boy who would looooooove this x

  3. sparky says:

    I don’t really use patterns as such I just find pictures like this one
    as a guide line and just make each square and attach them as I go ( though you can also make each individual square and sew them together at the end, depends on what method works for you.)

    i find it easier to buy graph paper and draw out the pattern and colour it in on there, that way you can mark off each square as you do it as well.

    hope this helps 🙂

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