Wednesday, November 22, 2017 05:34

katie the cat

katie the destroyer of anything in sight ( aslong as its a butterfly, a cricket or a piece of grass)

Katie is a cat we odopted last year form our local blue cross, she doesnt get on with other cats and likes to beat them up if she gets a chance.

she is a 7 years old black and white tuxedo cat.

she is a very shy mummys girl cat and will follow me around everywhere. (she is currently curled up on my lap as im typing this)

her favourite toys are her two squeaking mice called buzz and jessie, and likes to bring them up stairs to bed everynight.

she doesnt like strangers and hides under the bed at the sound of the door bell.

she is nick named as fail cat by me and my partner as she has trouble climbing and balancing and is allso scared of birds flying low.


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